Daniel Cote

Daniel Cote began his Law Enforcement career in 1995 where he worked as a certified reserve Police Officer in Massachusetts.  He graduated from the Northeast Regional Police Institute and moved to Fort Myers in 1998.  Daniel attended the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy in 1998 where he received certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Florida. 

Daniel has been with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years and is currently a Lieutenant in the Highway Interdiction Unit.  Daniel has worked as a Detective in several specialty units including the Robbery Unit, District Criminal Investigations Division, and was a member of the Lee County Career Criminal Task Force.  Daniel has extensive experience in the investigation of human trafficking, adult and child sex crimes, child abuse, and spent several years working undercover in the Narcotics Unit and Highway Interdiction Unit.

Daniel is a member of the Florida Sex Crimes Investigators Association and the Human Trafficking Task Force for the 20th Judicial Circuit.

Daniel received his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice Science from Edison State College and his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Barry University in Miami. Daniel speaks twice a year at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy on the subject of Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking and is frequently a key speaker for civic groups on the subject of Human Trafficking and Sex Crimes.

Daniel is married with two children and enjoys spending time outdoors with their horses.

Daniel first met Christy four years ago and over time has become a big supporter of her organization’s mission and genuine efforts to bring attention to the epidemic of Human Trafficking. 

Daniel said, “Christy’s Cause is one of the few non-government organizations that truly mirrors my personal beliefs in what it takes to combat Human Trafficking.”