What We fighting for

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Local Efforts

in southwest florida

Sex trafficking is not just an international problem. As shocking as it sounds it’s happening in our own community. It is happening in urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods. Unfortunately it’s an issue of supply and demand. As long as there are buyers there are traffickers out there exploiting victims.

One of our goals is to increase awareness in our community. As we learn to recognize potential red flags and know indicators of sexual exploitation we can identify victims and get them the assistance they need. The more we understand what to look for the more effective we can be.

We also work to educate the most vulnerable population in America. As our teens become informed and empowered they will be able to identify the signs of sex trafficking and avoid entrapment.

Christy’s Cause works to create awareness through local projects such as speaking engagements, Public Service Announcements, social media initiatives and community events. We believe knowledge is power. As our community becomes more knowledgeable on the issues of sex trafficking we become more powerful in fighting against this epidemic.




Global Efforts

Around the world

Christy’s Cause is passionate about fighting the epidemic of sex trafficking not just in the US but also globally. No child should ever be a victim of sexual exploitation. In countries around the world is has become culturally acceptable to sell your children when ends don’t meet. Due to the high death rate of children in the sex industry there is an increasing demand. Christy’s Cause partners with organizations that are working to change cultural mindsets and offer better solutions.

We collaborate with organizations that prevent sexual exploitation by offering families who are contemplating selling their child a better alternative. In most cases when a family has the option to send their child to a healthy, thriving safe home they will do so.

Prevention statistics are astounding:

  • Prevention is over 98% effective at keeping children from entering the sex trade.

  • Prevention costs less than 1/10 of what intervention costs.

  • Prevention homes are usually over 95% effective in ending child sex slavery.


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