Monette Everette

Monette Everett studied at San Francisco State University and has been in the financial services industry for more than 13 years.  She has served on several boards in both California and Florida and strongly believes that involvement is the key to making a difference. At work, she is passionate about leading others through coaching and career development.  She also helps the youth of Southwest Florida succeed financially, by volunteering her time to teach financial literacy at local schools and universities.

She is also passionate about working with organizations like Christy’s Cause that are making a difference by raising awareness of the issue of child sex trafficking. Born in Asia, Monette has witnessed the risks of becoming a victim of child sex trafficking, and is compelled to move beyond just being alarmed and to get involved.

Monette and her husband Shawn reside in Estero and are avid supporters of several local nonprofits that make a difference.